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Whey Way Protein is a pure native CFM protein with incredible pieces of chocolate. Taste and composition that takes your breath away.

Extra exclusive is the strawberry flavor, in which you will not find pieces of Brazilian chocolate, but pieces of White Chocolate.

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Protein Way Whey Way Protein - protein, what else

The recipe is always a key to good products. We are a bit of scientists and the result of our journey is in your hands.

Whey Way Protein doesn't pretend anything. It's a real fair protein. No fiction to build your muscles overnight. No product with advertising with topless models and bodybuilding champions. This protein is for everyone.

For every athlete, small, large, retired or on the verge of adulthood. Protein is a protein, it is not a miracle supplement. All the more important is its authenticity, honesty and good composition. But it will never disappoint you on the way to your goal. It will offer you all ways and forms of use, from supplementing it to flakes for breakfast, milkshakes, yoghurts, buns and ice cream to drinking milk protein latte.

Key Properties of Whey Way Protein

  • CFM - Microfiltered and Ultrafiltered Whey
  • 100% Whey protein
  • 100% Native protein
  • Pieces of real chocolate!
  • Lactose free
  • GMO free
  • Gluten-free
  • Digestive enzymes

Surprise? Protein shake with pieces of chocolate

A bonus of Whey Way Protein is also its taste, which everyone will really fall in love with.
You will find an unexpected surprise in all flavors. I won't strain you, there are real pieces of Brazilian chocolate. Because, according to our philosophy, if you want to achieve a real taste, you have to use real ingredients. And I'm not talking about some "shavings", "powder" or small "balls" of chocolate - but pieces that you won't miss.

It is a taste that will conquer you with its first and last gulp. We love chocolate as much as you ...

We think about our products because we are one of you ... and we want the fairest for ourselves and for you.

What is Whey Way Protein talking about?

Of course, we know that proteins don't talk, but our packaging does. Have you seen them yet?
They match everything you are looking for in products. And who knows, you might find that you can enjoy your protein in a way you never thought possible before. You don't just have to drink protein as a drink ...

From the clear pictures on the packaging, you can easily find out how much protein, carbohydrates, fats and, for example, amino acids, Whey Way Protein contains. You no longer have to decipher lengthy tables and recalculate each measuring cup.

Whey Way Protein does not try to be the best protein in the world, the strongest and whatever. There is a piece of strength and truth in everyday life and honesty. Whether it's exercise or a protein shake.

Everyone needs an honest "WAY"

Honest protein will give you the strength and energy to train again. Honest protein will reward you at the end of training. Honest protein does not promise you that you will be huge and win the Olympics. Honest protein
is a partner for every day. You will make breakfast with him, pancakes, have it after your training and fill you with a snack. Protein Way is a way to honest training and diet.

PW-002-STR Protein Way Whey Way Protein 2270g strawb
RecommendedLactose free
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PW-002-COC Protein Way Whey Way Protein 2270g cookies
RecommendedLactose free
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PW-002-VAN Protein Way Whey Way Protein 2270g vanilla
RecommendedLactose free
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PW-002-CHOC Protein Way Whey Way Protein 2270g choco
RecommendedLactose free
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