Protein Way DeliNut butter

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The best chocolate protein butter with nuts and pieces of white chocolate.  This delight on a spoon is called DeliNut Butter from the new brand Protein Way. ZERO added sugar, no sweeteners, no artificial ingredients and no palm oil.
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Protein Way DeliNut butter

We wanted one simple thing when creating DeliNut butter: to have one taste and know that we would never forget it.  To remember it like we remember the taste of Nugeta, which we grew up on. The unmistakable sweet taste of peanuts combined with the delight of finishing the jar down to the very last spoonful.   We wanted a spread that takes us back in time and allows us to enjoy a moment for ourselves. A spread that has a story and can surprise us. A spread that will always be different, yet remains the same.

== The time-old traditions of quality ==

We tried over one hundred different varieties of nuts and chocolate, perhaps a dozen production processes, and labored over every detail before we achieved what we had set out to do. DeliNut Butter is a call back to our roots. A call back to real and high-quality raw ingredients and honest processing, as we know it from our childhood. For us quality is not just an empty promise, but the representation of the Protein Way brand philosophy.

== What can we discover in DeliNut Butter? ==

DeliNut Butter has its own story which starts with bits of white chocolate sprinkled on top of each jar. These bits of white chocolate can be enjoyed on their own or can be gradually mixed in. The result is a spread with the fantastic taste of marbled white chocolate. Each and every bite explodes with new taste. Once sweeter, another time a bit more bitter. As a result, you will never get tired of the spread; you can enjoy it 100 times and each time will be different.

DeliNut Butter has Belgian chocolate and premium nuts. Only real Belgian chocolate and premium nuts. What more is there to say?

In our products you will find no substitutes, additives, or fillers. Our spread is not sweetened, not even with artificial sweeteners. It's as sweet as chocolate can be, so why add artificial sweeteners? The story Delinut Butter tells is enriched by one important ingredient: a high-quality whey protein. Our customers‘ caloric intake as well as their nutrition were equally important to us in creating DeliNut Butter.

Delinut Butter is for those of us who love real Belgian brown and white chocolate, nuts, and as a bonus, high-quality whey protein.

== Notable qualities of DeliNut Butter ==

  • A spread with a story
  • Belgian chocolate with white pieces of chocolate
  • High-quality whey protein
  • Highest-quality nuts (hazelnuts and peanuts)
  • No palm oil
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No added sugar

Nutritional Facts of Delinut Butter

(in 100g)

Energie / Energy / Energie2523 kJ / 603 kcal
Tuky / Fat / Fet46,1g
- saturated Fats11,6g
Sacharidy / Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate20g
- z toho cukry / Sugar8,5g
Bílkoviny / Protein / Eiweis26,5g
Vláknina / Fibre / Fasser6,6g
Sůl / Salt / Salz<0,1g

Ingredients  : 65% roasted peanuts , 10% whey protein concentrate , 10% belgian chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, soy lecithin), 5% roasted hazelnuts , 5% coconut oil, 5% white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, dried milk , soy lecithin)

Alergens : Peanuts, Hazelnuts , soy, milk  

May contain peaces of nutshells, other nuts or peanuts.

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Tento produkt byl uvedený na trh jako doplněk stravy. Nemá schválené léčivé účinky a nejedná se o lék. Není určeno jako náhrada pestré stravy. Nepřekračujte doporučené dávkování. Ukládejte mimo dosah dětí. Minimální trvanlivost vyznačena na obalu.

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